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Charles Thomas, an articulate, brilliant... man ...
A star winemaker
— Robert Parker
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The Vineyard

Located 3 miles southwest of Oakville, 1000 feet above sea level, the Thomas-Hsi vineyard sits on the eastern slopes of Mount Veeder, where an exceptional confluence of great soil and climate create great wines unlike any other.  With years of meticulous planning and cultivation, the wines took shape under the tenured hands of the Thomas family.


  • After a hiatus due to phylloxera, the vineyard was replanted in 2007
  • The volcanic soils at the site allow for excellent drainage
  • Eastern aspect of the ranch provides some relief from extreme heat events
  • The vineyard is in an exceptional confluence of great soil and climate on Mount Veeder
  • Nearby vineyards that Charles oversaw development and produced great wines from are the Lokoya & Cardinale vineyards and the Rudd Mount Veeder vineyard.

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