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Mount Veeder — Napa VALLEY

Welcome To Thomas-Hsi Vineyard


character, quality & tradition

The Wines

Thomas-Hsi Vineyards and wines are the culmination of a four decade dream.  With our combined experience, our family credo is to grow our own grapes to the best of our ability and to make the finest wines possible.  Thomas Hsi wines express the unique character of our vineyard in the Mt. Veeder Appellation.  The wines are complex, dark, rich, with a beautiful balance of flavors.

Charles Thomas... one of California’s best winemakers.
— James Laube, Wine Spectator

where everything comes together

The Vineyard

Located 3 miles southwest of Oakville, 1000 feet above sea level, the Thomas-Hsi vineyard sits on the eastern slopes of Mount Veeder, where an exceptional confluence of great soil and climate create great wines unlike any other.  With years of meticulous planning and cultivation, the wines took shape under the tenured hands of the Thomas family.


a dynamic force in Winemaking

The People

For over 30 years the Thomas family have been a dynamic force in the wine industry.  With deep roots in viticulture, winemaking, marketing, sales and wine education, they have helped build some of the most renowned wineries in California.  Their love for what they do continues to grow through two generations, creating some of the most beloved wines of America.

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